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Rooster Foot - Rose Quartz

Rooster Foot - Rose Quartz


These talismans have been consecrated and annointed. They remain ready for further enchantments. 

This chicken foot talisman has been consecrated by the four corners to give the bearer protection. For centuries, dried chicken feet have been used as a charm for protection against evil. When hung in a doorway, a chicken foot will protect the home from evil spirits. In the barnyard, chickens are often seen scraping, kicking the ground and scratching their feet, in gestures that appear similar to sweeping or cleaning. In the traditions of Wicca, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria and Folk-belief, the chicken is a powerful symbol of purification. To spiritually cleanse your body, take a dried chicken foot and make a scratching motion in the air about one inch from the surface of your skin, starting at the crown of your head, working your way down to your feet. Give your feet extra attention by working the chicken foot back and forth from heel to toe. Do this ritual for nine nights to remove a curse or jinxed condition. A broom made of chicken feathers (or in the image of a chicken) is used in many traditions for spiritual decontamination to cleanse a ritual area of negative energies. The sweeping also helps to get the practitioner’s mind ready for the ritual, while quieting the mind and narrowing the focus.Various charms and naturally shed feathers. Feet are humanly harvested. To be placed somewhere prominent. May also be used in ritual, in the place of a wand. Would look great displayed in a wreath at the front door. No need to recharge as this object is consecrated.

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